The time has come again for the elections of new MASA executive committees! This Spring '16, we would like to encourage all individuals to challenge themselves and participate actively as a MASA representative in the Drake community.


Position Descriptions

1. President

  • Overlook the welfare of all group members
  • Ensure the proper planning and execution of activities that stand to benefit all in MASA.
  • Plan and organize social events to make MASA members feel more at home here at Drake University as well as professional events to better prepare them for work life.
  • Work with the Treasurer to come up with the MASA Annual Budget at the end of the term.


 2. Vice President

  • Assist and support the role of the President
  • Responsible for the internal communication of the committee and resolve internal conflicts
  • Focus on the administrative issues
  • One of the representatives of MASA on inter-organizational meetings (e/g: UNITY Roundtable)
  • Lead the committee in case of absence of the President
  • Encourage collaboration among various organizations on campus by communicating with the organizations as well as with MASA EC
  • Establish a good relationship among various multicultural organizations on campus


3. Executive Assistant

  • Responsible for writing and handling MASA emails
  • Update MASA mailing list every semester
  • Record meeting minutes


5. Treasurer

  • Responsible for handling MASA funds
  • Review event expenditure to ensure accurate spending in accordance to approved budget
  • Work closely with the President to come up with MASA Annual Budget at the end of the term
  • Deal with the Student Life Centre to collect reimbursements


6. Program Coordinator

  • Set up program flows for events
  • Work closely with the President to coordinate event on the day itself
  • Plan the decorations and games for events
  • Select themes for Seniors Graduation Parties


 7. Global Ambassador

  • Become a bridge for MASA to connect with other organizations in Drake
  • Constantly finding opportunities for MASA to collaborate with other organizations besides the Multicultural organizations
  • Participate in and help plan MASA events


8. Webmaster

  • Manage MASA Facebook page & MASA ‘Pasar Malam’ Facebook page
  • Official MASA photographer during events
  • Help out members with other issues during events
  • Manage the Drake MASA website


9. Director of Public Relations

  • Work with Webmaster to design marketing materials
  • Keep social media up to date and distribute all marketing materials
  • Reach out to incoming students, alumni, and new members at the start of and throughout the semester


10. Logistics Coordinator

  • Manage food order and room reservations
  • In charge of setting up of each event and making sure everything is in place
  • Keep track of MASA’s assets

Nominations will be closed on March 30th, 2016 (Wednesday) at 11:59pm.

Each nominee has to accept his or her nomination by April 1, 2016 (Friday) at 11:59pm.


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